“Romantic love sticks around long enough to bind two people together. Then it rides off into the sunset and seemingly overnight, your dream marriage can turn into your biggest nightmare.” Harville Hendrix

Difficulties within our essential, intimate relationships are one of the most common causes of unhappiness in our lives. This can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and shame. Our sense of self worth is affected and often our health can suffer.
Counselling can help you and your partner to understand the conflict in your relationship and help develop new skills in overcoming destructive patterns of relating to one another.

I welcome all couples and am passionate about the value of relationship therapy in facilitating better communication and intimacy.
I offer a supportive space to explore the issues arising for you in your relationship.
It is important to find a therapist that both you and your partner feel comfortable with and I am happy to meet for a free half hour session to discuss the therapy on offer and answer any questions you have.